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In the course of its activities, IAUTA maintains close relations with important international organisations

AG2R has formed this partnership in terms of cultural and social collaboration, by providing IAUTA with a headquarters office base in a leading international city, Paris.

FIAPA This NGO brings together 150 associations and federations spread among 60 countries representing 300 million older people in over 300 associations. It is recognised as a consultative body by the UN, WHO, UNESCO, the European Union and the Council of Europe.

GINA is the Geneva International Network on Ageing. It was launched on 1 October 1996 as an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Swiss Research Programme on Ageing (PNR32) and the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP).

LiLL European Network for Learning in Later Life
The network was initiated in 1995 in Germany. It brings together professionals and active seniors from European organisations by providing academically-oriented continuing education for people in the third age. The LiLL network provides information about education in the third age through its website and fosters cooperation and exchange through conferences and joint project work.