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About Us

The University of the Third Age has a worldwide presence. There are a lot of elderly people around the world who don’t have a lot of things in life. These people just sit in their seats and do nothing, this might seem fun in the beginning but after some time it starts to get frustrating. Everyone needs a hobby and fun way to pass the time and the U3A does just that for the elderly citizens. Although there is no age limit on who can become a member of the U3A, most of the people that you see do belong to the senior citizen’s category.


There are literally hundreds of senior citizens in the world who do not have much to do in life. They need something to keep them up-to-date and engaged.


To provide the people with as much information as possible about the U3A. It is an international movement and there are a lot of people who are becoming members.


Our vision is pretty straightforward because we just want to make sure that we are able to make the lives of the people better in some way.


The U3A is present in a lot of countries worldwide and although the mission of all of the versions is same the way that they approach it might be different.

The Origin And Purpose

As time progresses, we as humans are discovering better ways of learning and increasing our knowledge at all times. The current socio-economic system demands that we stay up-to-date with the latest in order to remain relevant to all that is happening around us.

This idea is not radical in its essence and is basically just the way capitalistic economies work. Nonetheless, we are coming about with ideas to improve our lives at every age and are taking steps to maximize the opportunities that we have at any given age in our lives.

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Everyone needs a hobby and fun way to pass the time and the U3A does just that for the elderly citizens. Although there is no age limit on who can become a member of the U3A, most of the people that you see do belong to the senior citizen’s category.

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Differences And Similarities

The University of the Third Age or the U3A is an international movement, which means that it has a presence in a lot of countries worldwide. However, the U3A is not standardized which is why the U3A in each country can change or adapt to the requirements.

This might be a good or bad thing and it mainly depends on the way you look at it. However, one thing that everyone can agree upon is that the U3A has a lot of advantage. It main aim of the U3A is to allow the retired community to come together and learn new things and that is something that is important.

One thing that everyone needs to understand about the University of the Third Age is that it is not a real university.

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This website is aimed towards just one thing and it is to make sure the people all around the world know about the University of the Third Age or U3A.

There are many different things to see and learn on the website, which is why we also have a contact us page