The Aims And Guiding Principles Of U3A Network Canterbury

The U3A or the University of the Third Age is collaborative learning experience for older people. With the help of the U3A members are able to share a number of creative, educational and leisure activities.

The activities however are organized in small groups so that they meet regularly and share they knowledge, experience and skill. The U3A is non-political and non-religious and it has three main rules.

The Third Age Principle

According to this rule, the U3A is only open to people who are in their third age.

The third age is not a particular number, instead it is a period in life where the person cannot do a full-time job.

The members of the U3A are supposed to promote the positives about the U3A also the value of learning and experience.

The members should be willing to help others who want to join the U3A.

The Self-Help Learning Principle

This is the second rule.

According to which, the members have full control to form interest groups based on the likes and dislikes of the members.

The groups cover a wide range of topics which allows the members to have a lot of choice.

There is no distinction between teachers and learnings and no qualification is required.

The Mutual Aid Principle

This is the third and final principle and it states that every member is a mutual aid organization and is a member of the Third Age trust.

No payments are to be made to the members of the U3A and outside financial assistance is also discouraged.


These were the main things that you need to know about the guiding principles of the U3A network Canterbury.

The U3A is a very helpful movement and is good for people who are willing to learn new things in life.